About Us

Heritage Ebooks is a digital publisher specialising in heavily illustrated and interactive ebooks. It is owned by VisConPro Ltd, which is also the holding company of the open access picture library fotoLibra.com.

The first forty titles, the FOLLIES OF ENGLAND series, were published in October 2011. The next series, FOLLIES OF SCOTLAND, will be published later this year. Early next year we hope to launch FOLLIES OF WALES. Many more titles and series are in the pipeline.

We welcome proposals for future publications, ideally series titles. We have to be convinced there is a strong market for the subject. We do not publish fiction or poetry. We pay generous royalties to photographers as well as writers. We do not pay advances.

To propose an ebook, please submit a synopsis of no more than 500 words including a chapter-by-chapter breakdown. We also require no more than 500 words describing the potential market for the book, concentrating on online communities and existing ebook buyers.

We will respond promptly to every valid proposal. Unfortunately submissions which do not meet our precise synopsis and marketing specifications as given in the previous paragraph will be rejected without notification.